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Zebra mussel
A mitten crab, © GB NNSS
Mitten crab
Himalayan Balsam, © GB NNSS
Himalayan balsam
Giant Hogweed, © GB NNSS
Giant hogweed

What is INNS Mapper?

INNS Mapper is an open access webtool which allows users to input and view data on Invasive Non-native Species (INNS) within England

Who is it for?

Organisations tackling INNS such as Local action groups and environmental stakeholders. It is also a tool for citizen scientists and volunteers to input and view INNS records

How does it work?

INNS Mapper acts as an invasive species data hub, displaying data from a number of sources including iRecord and NBN Atlas. Data can also be directly inputted into INNS mapper by users to keep track of their own records.

What can I do?

What species can I record?

18 species can currently be viewed and recorded. More information about these species is available on the INNS Info page.

Kilometres surveyed: 1332
Live updates
Catchments treated: 57