INNS Mapper relies on records of non-native plant species contributed by members of the public, members of Local Action Groups and other organisations. Once logged in, this section will allow you to explore the rivers that have already been surveyed within England, giving you an overview of what's been done, and what we still need to do.

  • For our partners and other related organisations, this map is designed to help you to plan which stretches of river would be most effective to survey in the near future.
  • For our volunteers and members of the public, it is for you to see how you are contributing to survey efforts across the country.

Please register (it's quick and easy to do) or sign in using the form on the right to explore INNS mapper data and upload your data.

Become a Surveyor now

Just create a log-in and start inputting your data! You can also use the iRecord and PlantTracker apps to add data which feeds directly into INNS mapper. If you do use the apps you may also wish to add your 'survey' on to INNS Mapper as well, which shows people exactly where you've been! 

Alternatively, if you wish to become involved in local invasive non-native species action please visit the GB Non-Native Species Secretariat website to find out who your local group is and their contact details.

Giant hogweed